ISA: International Secret Agents
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BEWARE, THIS BLOG IS OVERFLOWING WITH TALENT A Tumblr dedicated the cause and the faces of the International Secret Agents (ISA) concert series, which was started up by Wong Fu Productions and Far East Movement back in 2008.

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Official launch of Wong Fu Production’s Indiegogo campaign for our first movie!!!! We’re so excited to have you all a part of this milestone!! 


As of right now, Wong Fu fans have contributed $35,642! (:

Go go go! :)

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Wong Fu’s Making a Movie!

We’re making a movie & we need YOUR help to make it happen!
Visit to show your support!

After years of making videos here on YouTube for our awesome fanbase of supporters, after making so many short films that we are so proud of… it’s finally time. It’s time to make a movie.
We’re so nervous to be reaching out to our fans in this way, we’ve never asked for direct monetary contributions, but a project on this scale really needs your help.
If you’ve ever enjoyed our work, if anything we’ve made has affected you in some way, please consider donating to the project and you’ll get some awesome rewards, as well as feeling great to know you are helping WFP take the next step in this incredible journey we’re all on together.
Please share this link, spread the word. Wong Fu’s first movie is on the way!

Thank you for your years of support and encouragement. Thank you for believing in us. We’ve only just begun!
-Wes, Ted, Phil, & the whole Wong Fu team!

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@kevjumba - Props to @joshmadson


 - Props to 

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…it also helps to have a big rack as well (x)

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#TakeAction Campaign - Vote Election 2012!

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Despite his greatest efforts, Wesley experienced difficulty with even the most basic tasks. Such as learning how to scribe his own name in the first grade. Unbeknownst to her, the teacher’s forgiving compliment would only propel Wesley into a spiral of questionable artistic endeavors…

*First signature was written by teacher for me to (sadly attempt to) copy

AskerAnonymous: do you know if isa is doing concerts this year

there hasn’t been any information released yet, but we’ll be sure to post it if any concert information is released!

AskerAnonymous: do you know if the isa is having concerts this year?


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WFW 73 - WongFu Met President Obama!

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Cinnamon Challenge!

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Would our followers be interested in getting chances to win free ISA tickets?

If you don’t live close to the ISA concert locations, they will also come with plane tickets.