ISA: International Secret Agents
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BEWARE, THIS BLOG IS OVERFLOWING WITH TALENT A Tumblr dedicated the cause and the faces of the International Secret Agents (ISA) concert series, which was started up by Wong Fu Productions and Far East Movement back in 2008.

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Magnetic North
click for their music video directed by Wong Fu

Magnetic North

click for their music video directed by Wong Fu

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Be - afterschoolspecial x DANakaDAN x Taiyo Na x Direct (Magnetic North)
Created by MOVeMEDIA prod. (Scott Yoshimoto)

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Drift Away - Magnetic North
(MV produced by Wong Fu)

We Will Not Be Moved - Magnetic North


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So Long - Magnetic North

Hip hop duo (Direct and Theresa “T” Vu) who performed during ISA 2009. They’re both AMAZING with their lyrics and flow :)

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BHS @ ISA 2009 

the very first concert :)